Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence

Our current society is often described as time-crunched. Time has always meant money, but with the advent of technology, as well as other tried and tested methods, we suddenly have better control and we’re also more aware of time wasters.

We recently spoke about all the benefits of a particular time-saver: “hand luggage only”, which is now a growing trend among business travellers.

The recent blog post from Business Traveller, by Alistair Callender of Gate 8 Luggage, inspired us to start this conversation.

The concept may not be new, but with the stronger than ever need to save time and money, it may just be another perfect solution to incorporate in our busy lives.

Click here to read our top tips on travelling with hand luggage only.

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Why NYC Work Spaces

  • One Stop Solution

    As they say, "time is money". We promise to ensure your application and our search process will never take more than a few minutes of your day.

  • No Hidden Charges

    When we say "free and impartial", that´s exactly what we mean. We promise not to charge you a penny for our search and consultancy services.

  • Impartial Advice

    NYC Work Spaces has proven itself a reliable and trustworthy consultancy over the last 20 years, by treating all flexible office options equally and only sending you lists based directly on your business requirements.

  • Contact, Your Way

    Our job is to make your job easier, that´s why we promise to only contact you at the times and through the channels you request, and always from recognized numbers.

  • No Junk

    No one wants an inbox full of junk mail, that’s why NYC Work Spaces promise to send you only relevant emails that match your individual search criteria.

  • Secured Data

    We understand that data protection is the only thing defending your privacy. We’ve implemented the most advanced and highly encrypted layers of security to ensure your data remains private.

Best Deals

Smart businesses use comparison websites to source the best deal on offer, which is why we will negotiate on your behalf to secure your ideal office space with the most competitive prices on the market. We will compare the entire market for you.

89% of NYC Work Spaces customers cannot get a better price directly from business centre providers or office operators for their flexible office space; based on 319 prices sampled during Q3 of 2012.