Share and share alike…

Shared offices are a dynamic, sociable and community-oriented version of the traditional serviced office model.

Shared offices are ideally suited to entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses that require a professional working environment on an all-inclusive monthly rate.

The centres are managed by experienced property owners, with communal resources shared amongst fellow co-workers, enabling you to focus solely on your business.

A relative newcomer to the flexible office market, the popularity of shared spaces has grown rapidly as professionals have learnt to synchronise with fellow co-sharers; imparting industry-specific knowledge and providing cost-effective access to in-house resources.

There’s no deposit or minimum stay, whilst features such as private meeting rooms, call pods and secure personal storage are part of the single monthly fee.


Social work…

Far from being a distraction, shared office workers have found that a co-working ethos provides an invaluable social function, whilst also encouraging tenants to constantly maintain a professional image.

Ever had to leave the office to visit a solicitor or accountant, drop your brief off with a designer or designs off at a printers? With shared offices, chances are there is a certified professional on-site with a vested interest in your business’ success.

For many, a shared office becomes a sanctuary from the domestic distractions of home, helping them to plan their day, meet targets and inspire fresh thinking.


Are you the model ‘desker’?

The communal ethos of shared offices is attracting an ever-growing number of independent professionals, such as:

  • Journalists
  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Architects
  • Translators
  • IT contractors