Open office… open mind

Our serviced and managed office portfolio features a complete range of open office and conference spaces.

An open space office provides the same features and services as a shared office, with an open plan layout that enables you to experience all the benefits of a dynamic and creative environment, with a communal ethos and extensive networking opportunities to bring another dimension to your business.


Open-space offices:

Whether you require a single desk or an entire floor, our open spaces provide an eclectic mix of social and networking opportunities, conveniently facilitated and administered so you can get straight down to business.

All infrastructure considerations – such as furnishing, IT, communications, security and utilities – are taken care of by the business centre owners, allowing you to move in to an individually tailored and fully functioning workplace with no capital expenditure.

More professional than working from home and more cost-effective than a traditional office, our open spaces have witnessed a boom in popularity across the world, as a contemporary and ethical option for the businesses of tomorrow.


Open-space Technology:

A ‘blue-sky’ approach to corporate conferences and gatherings, Open-Space Technology brings experts together to focus on a single theme, with no formal agenda to restrict the flow of ideas.

With such versatility in the number of possible participants, length of meeting and layout required, our conference centres provide the versatile template this model needs, with a comprehensive range of facilities and flexible leasing to ensure you never pay for more than you require.