How hot is a hot desk?

Hot desking is the most cost-effective model for individuals or small businesses to instantly occupy a workstation in fully serviced and managed centres.

The system is ideally suited to entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups who are flexible with time but need to keep overheads to a minimum, and has the potential to reduce your costs by 30% compared to traditional leasehold.

Desks are shared between multiple individuals or companies on different shifts or in various locations around the centre. It enables mobile workers and workers whose jobs aren’t solely desk-oriented to use state-of-the-art equipment in a professional environment without paying for the privilege full-time.

Hot desks can be occupied on a set monthly contract, or on a pay-as-you-use basis, with the investment in infrastructure made by our business centre partners, allowing you to occupy a desk in a fully functioning workplace with minimal capital expenditure.


Twin your hot desk…

Maximise the potential of your hot desk by using it in tandem with a virtual office space.

While most virtual offices provide a hot desking option, reaching a centre when you’re in another city or country is not always practical.

A hot desk enables you to acquire a temporary office option in a convenient location to carry out your daily duties, twinned with a prestigious virtual address to present a successful, industry-specific image anywhere in the world.


Hot desking tools…

The advent of new technology has provided workers with all the tools to make a hot desk feel like home.

Cloud computing and file hosting means you’ll never have to worry about data transfer again. So long as you have an internet connection, you can access all of your corporate or personal documents from anywhere in the world.

As individual enterprises have grown into successful businesses, it has become increasingly important for some tenants to have a degree of management over their space. Hotelling is a software system which enables businesses to request use of additional facilities such as conference rooms and extra desks within their centre.

Many centres have designed a ‘zonal’ system linked to their Hotelling network to enable you to request space for all of your employees within the same area, or ‘zone’.